Step 1

Wrap the strap around your wrist and push the long end through the hole as shown above.Pull long end to achieve desired fit.

Step 2

Once desired fit is achieved, push small metal tab through one of the holes in the band.

Step 3

Tuck excess band in and out of the way.

Step 3, Part 2

Band tucks away easily and stays out of your way.

Step 4

Spin the band around your wrist until the nozzle is pointing to your palm.

Step 5

Turn the nozzle counter clockwise 1 half turn.

Step 6

Firmly press the middle of the cartridge. You now have sanitizer in the palm of your hand! Rub your hands together as normal.

Step 7

Now that you're sanitized, close the nozzle by turning it clockwise until it's snug.

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When your cartridge is getting low, aim the nozzle down so the sanitizer inside flows down to the nozzle.

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