Should I wear my Handsense band with the cartridge on the inside or outside of my wrist?

We've designed the Handsense system to work both ways. It's more efficient to dispense the sanitizer into your palm, but you can dispense onto the back of your hand and rub into your hands as you would normally.

Is there an easy way to put the band on?

There sure is! We created the band to tuck away so it doesn't get caught on things while going about your day. Click here to see the instructions!

Is buying on-line safe?

Security is always paramount when purchasing online, and we take it seriously. We only use Shopify as our e-commerce solution. They and their processing platform offer a robust and comprehensive security system.

What do I do with the empty cartridge?

All our cartridges are recyclable. If you live in a jurisdiction that does not accept them as recyclable, you are encouraged to send them back to us! For every 5 you send back, we'll give you a discount on your next box of refills!