HandSense Makes Sense!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. With all we've been through, we know now that personal protection keeps us and those around us safe.

During the global pandemic, the need for hand sanitizer became the norm for most of us, but the way we applied it was cumbersome and sometimes less safe than if you didn't use sanitizer at all. If you walk in to a public place and use the hand sanitizer bottle that everyone else uses, you take the risk of cross contamination. If you touch things, then grab a bottle in your purse or pocket, you've now touched your personal items before your sanitizer.

Now, with HandSense brand dispensers and refills, you can sanitize on the run without touching public dispensers or your own things. Simply press the dispenser on your wrist and you're safe and sanitized. Have a snack on the run, hold your children or pets, talk on your cell phone, shake your friends hand. All now possible and SAFE with Handsense!